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Oracle Query is a professional development tool aimed at Microsoft Windows based software developers and Oracle DBAs. This easy-to-use product allows rapid transact SQL development against an Oracle database through an intuitive Windows graphical user interface.    

Microsoft Technologies Benefits

OracleReduces Oracle training requirements.
Smart SolutionsReduce time needed to manage SQL scripts.
OracleCollaborative working using 'Favourites' repository to common network locations.
Smart SolutionsNo training required as it leverages existing knowledge of Windows standard intuitive interfaces.
Oracle Client ToolsSQL scripts are easier to write with colour coding.

Smart Solutions Features

Smart SolutionsQueries can be run against an Oracle 7/8/9/10 database.
OracleExecution plans can be viewed for query optimisation.
Smart SolutionsCost or rule based optimiser option.
Oracle Client ToolsQuery timings and statistics available.
Windows tool for OracleUser object browser.
Dictionary browsingDictionary object browser
Oracle adoRowset restriction support.
Oracle CSV exportsExport query results to variety of formats including CSV or direct to file.
SQLNet NETxSQLNet / Netx compliant.
Quick tableQuick table and view data access.
Oracle query favoritesQuery favorites for quick access to saved queries.
multiple Oracle queriesMultiple query windows.

FirstCMS Software Screen Previews

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" I've come from a MSSQL background and OQA is really nice.  It provides me with a simple and easy to use tool to query Oracle databases "
... Cuinn Wylie. ...System Administrator - South Australian Government's Forest Management Agency

Buy Oracle Query Analyser Now
 Price: GBP 16.52 USD 29.00
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FirstCMS recomend the Oracle FAQ. This site puts a wealth of information at the fingertips of Oracle professionals all over the world. The directories provide powerful search facilities to quickly locate all the information you need.


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